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*Summer Sale* BASIC DIY FPV Starter Bundle Eachine E010 (incl. 3x MyLipo 205mAh HV batteries, VMT275t Micro FPV camera, Powerwhoop pigtail and GTeng FPV Wrist Monitor)

  • €74.99

Bundle original retail value: 90 euros!

The Eachine E010 became popular as it's generally considered a cheaper alternative to the Inductrix FPV drone in order to create your own Tiny Whoop-style micro FPV drone by soldering on a VM275t camera on the control board.

This bundle includes:

Although the price of the Eachine E010 is more affordable, it's important to note the following things:

  • The Eachine E010 has a different type of battery plug than the MyLipo 205mAh batteries have. It is directly soldered to the control board, meaning that you usually will need a pigtail for batteries such as the 205mAh High Voltage, which is included in this bundle.
  • The included transmitter is more limited in it's responsiveness and range (max. 30 meters) than the stock Spektrum transmitter included with the

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Nevertheless, if price is really what matters to you, the Eachine E010 definitely is a more affordable option.


Size: 9.5 X 9.5 X 5CM
Number of gyross: 6 axes
Transmitter frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 4
Included battery: 3.7V (150mAh) 
Flight time: 5 tot 6 minutes
Charging time: 30 tot 50 minutes
Range: +/- 30 meters

Package includes:
1x Eachine E010 Quadcopter 
1x 150mAh rechargable LiPo battery (with a 1.5mm battery plug)
1x Transmitters
1x USB charging cable
1x manual
4x propeller