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3D Printed 'Deer' Antenna protector for the FX798t Micro FPV/Tiny Whoop camera (various colors)

  • €1.99

This 'Deer' antenna protector is intended for the Blade Inductrix/Tiny Whoop.

It fits the every popular Quanum / HK / Bang Good Micro FPV cameras and therefore the FX798T camera available we have in stock ourselves. The weight of the protector is around ~ 0.65 g and holds protects your antenna while staying firmly in place. It also eliminates the risk of damage to the electronics of the Inductrix flight control board.

Installing the protector is super simple. Just remove the plastic housing of your camera, press the antenna protector between the camera and VTX boards and done! 

IMPORTANT: The plastic housing on the Micro FPV camera needs to be removed in order for it to fit with the camera, which also immediately voids the warrantee of Micro FPV camera!

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