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Micro FPV & Tiny Whoop

Welcome to the brandnew FPVisionary webshop! My name is Vlad Micu and I've recently become a FPV (First Person View) quad racing hobbyist myself. When I discovered the Tiny Whoop in April 2016 thanks to its inventor Jesse Perkins, I quickly realised that a micro FPV drone such as the Tiny Whoop is ideal to broaden the audience and lower the barrier of entry to this amazing hobby.

Because of the continuous rarity of Tiny Whoop parts I initially started by focusing myself on the Benelux region with this webshop (which might explain some left-over Dutch that you might bump into). My goals is to lower the effort to acquire all the parts you will need to build your own Tiny Whoop and lower te barrier of entry to people who want to get started with the FPV hobby. I personally have been a videogame developer for the last decade, but the FPV drone racing hobby was an incredible breath of fresh air that brought me new ideas and insights that I'm currently exploring. 

This webshop's main function is to fund my hobby and my continuous endeavors to research & explore what is possible within the FPV hobby. My current focus is mainly on seeking out new application methods for micro FPV and to lower the barrier of entry in order to bring the freedom of flight to more people.

This webshop is currently fully functional and allows you to already order the items you need, so feel free to already have a look at the store! I'm the first one to say it's far from finished and still has some flaws here and there. If you bump into one yourself, don't hesitate to contact me!